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Regional tourist port on the Po River

This is the best-equipped and most characteristic centre along the Po River as it crosses the Emilia-Romagna region from Piacenza to Ferrara.

Argine Cisa - 42022 Boretto
Phone 0039 0522 936015 - Ufficio Infomazioni Turistiche (Tourist Information Office, open March - September)
Mobile +39 335 5335139 - Porto Turistico Fluviale (Tourist River Port) 

cartina fluviale

This tourist centre and that of the coast together respond to the increasing number of requests for river navigation, which in Boretto is particularly strong given its position on the Parma-Mantua and the Boretto-Guastalla-Reggio Emilia railway lines and on State Road 62 from the Passo della Cisa. The port in Boretto, on the right bank of the Po River, is situated directly on a navigable canal under the lee of the main embankment on which runs State Road 62, which divides the town in half.  For this reason, and because of its well-equipped marina, Boretto is today a berth and a landing stage for passengers of the big riverboats like the motor-ships Venezia and Michelangelo and other day-cruise boats along the river. Various boats provide tourist service at the port of Boretto, including the historic “Amico del Po,” run by a private company, as well as motor-boats and houseboats of a tour operator located in Boretto.
The entire area of the Po Lido [beach, shore] overlooking the docks is open to the public. Ground services are available in this 400-metre area divided into three mooring zones and with a floating dock for motorboats of up to a gross tonnage of 1000 tonnes.
The Lido offers to both tourists and recreational visitors a variety of services, making the tourist port of Boretto well known throughout the entire area for its high-quality gastronomic and cultural proposals.
Tourists will find a number of sightseeing activities, including a visit to the Museo del Po, the Museo dei Pontieri (privately owned), the Basilica Minore di San Marco, and the art nouveau “Marcello Nizzoli” council hall. Among the main events that take place at the Lido Po are the Sagra del Po, the Po Festival, and the exhibit-market Terra Nostra during the September fair (Fiera Settembrina). Due to the numerous requests for mooring, the Local Councilof Boretto plans to enlarge port facilities, meet quality standards, and open a new mooring area with the possibility of providing drinkable water and electricity directly to the moorings.

Services and equipment

  • 3-tonne cranes for hauling crafts
  • Floating docks for leisure crafts 260m.
  • Berths for motorboats up to 1000 tonnes gross tonnage (Class V Europe)
  • Fuel dock
  • Mechanic assistance

How to get there

By carFrom Reggio Emilia: 30 kilometres along the Provincial Road 358
From the A1 Milan to Bologna motorway: leave the motorway at the Reggio Emilia exit and follow signs to Castelnuovo Sotto for 30 kilometers.
From the A22 Modena to Brennero Motorway: leave the motorway at the Reggiolo exit and follow signs to Guastalla for 25 kilometers.

By river From Mantua - at the “Laghi” dock.
From Cremona: from the “Porto Fluviale” (River port)

By train From Reggio Emilia, “Tper” local train service from Reggio Emilia to Guastalla.
State railway service on the Parma Suzzara line.

By coachFrom Reggio Emilia Seta service from Reggio Emilia to Boretto with branch service to Viadana (Mantua).
From Viadana take the coach service running between Mantua and Parma.