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Komodo Boretto

Indoor and outdoor swimming pool

Via Firenze, 5 - 42022 Boretto
Telefono -  Phone 0039 0522 965105
Email boretto@komodopleasurecenter.it
Sito web - Website www.komodopleasurecenter.it/boretto

Komodo Boretto indoor swimming pool image Komodo Boretto swimming pool image

Opening period: all year

Swimming pool features and facilities

Indoor pool m 25 x 12.5
Indoor pool m 12 x 4
Pool m 25 x 16.5
Pool m 8 x 4

Opening times

June and July
Monday to Thursday
09:30 am - 08:30 pm

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
09:30 am - 07:30 pm

Open every day 09:30 - 19:30

How to get there


By car
From Reggio Emilia: 30 kilometres along the Provincial Road 358
From the A1 Milan to Bologna motorway: leave the motorway at the Reggio Emilia exit and follow signs to Castelnuovo Sotto for 30 kilometers.
From the A22 Modena to Brennero Motorway: leave the motorway at the Reggiolo exit and follow signs to Guastalla for 25 kilometers.

By train
From Reggio Emilia: “Tper” local train service from Reggio Emilia to Guastalla.
State railway service on the Parma Suzzara line.

By coach
From Reggio Emilia: SETA service from Reggio Emilia to Boretto with branch service to Viadana (Mantua).
From Viadana: take the coach service running between Mantua and Parma.

By river
From Mantua: at the “Laghi” dock.
From Cremona: from the “Porto Fluviale” (River port)