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Boretto Railway Station
Stradivari Motorboat
The Stradivari Motorboat (length m 62 and width m 10) can host up to 400 people.
Padus Motorboat
The ship is entitled to public passenger transport
Public out-of-town and railway transport services
Circolo ARCI borettese "Il Cantiere del Genio"
Bicycle hire service, Bar, Bowls game
Regional tourist port on the Po River
This is the best-equipped and most characteristic centre along the Po River as it crosses the Emilia-Romagna region from Piacenza to Ferrara.
Province Map
In Roman times it was an important town on the Po river, and it maintained its relevance during the Republic of Venice. It still has marine and harbor.
"D. Gialdini" Museum
The Museum offers a rich visual documentation of the developments of the ways to cross the big river
Museum House of Pietro Ghizzardi
The former home of the artist still hosts the largest collection of paintings, plastics, graphics and manuscript of Pietro Ghizzardi
Museum for Po River and Inland Navigation
Museum dedicated to the"Great River" - Museum on the Po River.
Drainage Multimedia Museum
The idrovora (huge dewatering plant) opens to the public, showing its mechanisms in this Museum
Basilica Minore of San Marco
This magnificent construction dominates the course of the Po river with its 45 metre-high-cupola.
San Rocco Church
It was built outside the village, in the early XVII century, following the spreading of infectious plague.
Church of Santa Croce
Today’s church of Santa Croce is built on the spot where, around the year 1700, there used to be a Franciscan cloister with annexed cemetery.
Piazza San Marco and Civic Tower
In the square are the two buildings that represent the town’s civil and religious power centres, i.e. the Basilica of the same name and the Town Hall.
The small capitals of the Po River
The 30 km that divide Reggio Emilia from the Great River help us discover the small Renaissance capitals along the Po river as well as an amazing historical and natural landscape.
River trips, lunches and dinners sailing aboard Stradivari Motorboat
Navigations along the Po River, cocktails and dinners aboard, live music, business events, ceremonies, private parties, educational activities for schools.
River trip on Padus motorboat
To enjoy the charme of the landscape and see along the Po river the small capital of the Reinassence, come on the Padus Motorboat from the river port in Boretto
Trips by boat

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