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The small capitals of the Po River

The 30 km that divide Reggio Emilia from the Great River help us discover the small Renaissance capitals along the Po river as well as an amazing historical and natural landscape.

Through short countryside streets it is easy to reach Brescello - known for Giovannino Guareschi's characters of Don Camillo and Peppone, to whom museums and memories throughout the town are dedicated; the Archaeological Museum is also very important. From here, on the cycle path along the river banks, it is possible to reach Boretto, river port river port with its tourist boat and - going on biking - other Renaissance towns: Gualtieri - with its majestic Piazza Bentivoglio and the Museum dedicated to the Naive-Art painter Antonio Ligabue; Guastalla - small Renaissance capital with its memories of Gonzaga domination; Luzzara - hometown of Cesare Zavattini and its Naive-Art Museum. There is also a route with poplars, spontaneous brush and many stretches of water.


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