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Bagnolo in Piano Railway Station
Public out-of-town and railway transport services
Province Map
Bagnolo in Piano
Thriving agricultural and industrial center, in the main square is a massive tower from the ancient fortress, called "Torrazzo" by people of Bagnolo.
Salsapariglia Collection by Salsapariglia Nello
Private collection of 150 motorcycles from about 1900 to 1970 with several race models of the 20s/50s till the Lombardini race motorcycle.
Catholic parish church
The church is dedicated to Saints Francesco da Paola and Maria Porziola.
Gonzaga - Ilva Ligabue Municipal Theatre
Rectangular-drawing theatre with balcony and capacity of 300 seats.
Il Torrazzo
The Torazzo is the civic tower and symbol of the town.
*** Hotel Le Rotte
Via Provinciale Sud, 9 - 42011 Bagnolo in Piano
**** Pieverossa Residence
Strada Vecchia, 13 - Locality Pieve Rossa, 42011 Bagnolo in Piano
*** Silver Hotel Residence
Via Olimpia, 1 - 42011 Bagnolo in Piano
La Via della Seta
Via Salvi, 30 - Locality San Tomamso della Fossa, 42011 Bagnolo in Piano
La Casella dei Ronchi
Via Ronchi, 5 - 42011 Bagnolo in Piano
Podere San Giulio Room Rental
Via Fornaci, 15 - 42011 Bagnolo in Piano
"Ilva Ligabue" Gonzaga Municipal Theatre
Rectangular plan with balcony - 300 seats
Bagnolo in Piano Municipal Swimming Pool
Municipal swimming pool

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